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Artist/Designer/shop terms

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Terms & Conditions

Articolory – Designer Terms & Conditions

About these terms & conditions
When you (“Designer”) join as a designer and submit your work to Articolory (“Platform”), either via our website, email, or any other channel to Articolory or Articolory’s staff, you automatically agree to these terms & conditions. You fully acknowledge the fact that as a designer you are bound by these terms.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, do not continue to use the website and/or upload products.

Any exceptions to these designer terms & conditions can be agreed upon between Designer and Platform. These exceptions are made via email and are binding as an addendum to these terms & conditions.

Ownership & Copyright
You agree that every item submitted is created originally by you OR you have acquired the full rights OR if you work on behalf of an author you have explicit permission from the author to put their work on Articolory. By publishing your work on Articolory we in no way take responsibility for the legality of those files and this will always be your own responsibility. In case a dispute is filed we might choose to temporarily or permanently remove your submission. We may decide to provide statistics & contact information to claimants.

Any purchase made by a customer is subject to our terms and conditions for customers. These terms and conditions will include a clause that keeps the intellectual property rights for the designs with you.

Duration & Cancellation
This agreement is for an indefinite period. Articolory has the right to cancel this agreement immediately without providing a reason. If such cancellation will happen any outstanding payments will be paid in full according to the normal payment cycle. As a designer you can decide to stop participation or remove products at any time. To guarantee proper continuation of our platform and services, your work will be removed within 3 months after cancellation.

Promotions & Advertisement
Articolory obtains the right to use your work in advertisements & promotions. This might be advertisement on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more), paid advertisement channels such as Google Ads or Facebook ads, printed advertisement or otherwise. Under your work fall items such as your work, promotional texts and/or images.

Payments will always happen before the 10th of the month and the payout will always be the payout of the previous month. And you can only request for payout once you have 30 dollars or more than that. The payout is always 60% of whatever the amount is that Articolory receives, depending on the product and/or promotions. Articolory maintains the right to hold promotions, discounts or multi-licenses deals without explicit permission from designers up front. Payout for these promotions will happen via the regular channels (earnings will show up in your dashboard). While the payout for these deals will always be 60%, Articolory has the right to deviate from the payment schedule and scheme if necessary.

You agree to keep the earnings for your products, as well as any specific terms and conditions that are made between you and Articolory confidential. You may not share this information with third parties, competitors of Articolory, or others, unless this is done for legal requirements or accounting purposes, or unless you have written permission from Articolory.

Features & Changes to our website
We reserve the right to make changes to our website or add/remove features at any time without prior notification. We reserve the right to make changes to our licenses, terms & conditions, cancellation & refund policy and other texts/licenses without notifying you. These changes will however always be published before they will have effect.

You hereby agree that you will indemnify and hold us harmless in full in any occasion where there are claims, claimed losses or expenses linked to your content, work or intellectual property.

Other agreements & terms
Articolory is not responsible for keeping copies of Designers work. It is the Designers responsibility to keep adequate copies of their work and related (promotional) materials.

Articolory is non-exclusive. This means that you are allowed to sell your work on any site, store or marketplace and are allowed to participate in any bundle or deal.

Version 1.1 Latest update: 31/07/2017 – old terms can be found here.