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How to make Clay Christmas green garland miniature?

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Making clay home decor items are so common now a days, so today I will talk about making green air dry clay home decor christmas garland miniature.

Materials required- Green Air dry clay(you can use any clay you needed), clay tools, working mat, carving tools, water, small empty containers, firing machine ( if you use earthenware or stoneware clay), glazing and sealing solutions.

Process- firing the clay is optional ( only if you use other clays which needs to be fired), it’s for home decor purpose only.

  1. Make your clay ready add water and knead it well on working mat.
  2. Take a small chunk of clay and roll it into ball shape.
  3. Make a small round circle and cut it from centre.
  4. You are left with small round outer clay part.
  5. Now using water finish and polish it well.
  6. Seal all the end points together well with water and liquid clay.
  7. Finally use water to finish and polish it all.
  8. Now make small petals and small round balls and small branches to decorate this garland.
  9. Place all on the garland circle with the help of water and finish it well.
  10. Let it dry completely.
  11. Fire it if you use other clay that needs to be fired.
  12. Use watercolor or any color to color the green small round balls to red to give it a different look (optional)
  13. Use sealer to seal it if you are not firing it.
  14. Finally use glaze to color it if you want to.
  15. And you are ready with small miniature clay garland.

Watch video tutorial here

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